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Monday, May 15, 2017

It has been a long time since I wrote on this blog.  In the last 7 years, I have now my own business, just going to start a new course to help that, I manage 2 WordPress Blogs (Volunteer Prince George hired me last year to manage theirs at and I built a website for the Carefree transportation society with an attached Word Press blog~  I am known as a Professional Volunteer, still remain the Facilitator of the Prince George Multiple Sclerosis Self Help Support Group among other volunteer positions I hold.  I am also employed pert time by the Handy Circle Resources Society. In just a week or so I will return for another course with Make-A-Change Canada. The local hospital, PGRH or Prince George Regional Hospital,  was renamed since the last posting, it is now known as the University Hospital of Northern British Columbia or UHNBC

The Prince George Multiple Sclerosis Self Help group will be reforming again this year, in the fall of 2017.  Our role in our city has become very important with the closure of our local MS Society of Canada office closing (in early 2016) to be reborn (mid 2017) as a new, larger region covering all of Northern BC, a few southern BC communities and up to Whitehorse in the Yukon territory.  It is now known as the "Northern Regional Chapter of the MS Society of Canada, BC and YT Division"  with its staff scattered around in major centres like Prince George and other lager communities in the region.  Our local MS SH group, not unlike and other MS SH groups in the province, includes members of the MS Society board that reside in our communities as they are as affected, with some afflicted individuals helping the community we cover locally.  They do fit the criteria of membership that includes people with MS and anyone who has interests or awareness of our community.  To that end, we do have a board member to act as lesion between the SH Group and the Society, to assist us in the reformation and sustainable existence of the group.  Looking forward to the near future!  O and Cannabis at this point is set to be legalized in the very near future, but at present time, it's still risky to be involved in the trade either as a purchaser or as a distributor and "legal weed" has all sorts of restrictions subject to government recalls...  it is  becoming well known to be an effective safe treatment for the effects of Multiple Sclerosis.  Stay tuned for another report hopefully sooner than another 7 years.  Safe travels!
Ken (aka-BCBud024)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Vancouver BC bound in 2 weeks

Yes, my being stuck in Prince George for all these years is about to come to an end. On the 15th of April 2011 I shall be aboard a BIG airplane, on my way to change the health-care system in my home province... I am so excited!  It all began one year ago on the 16th of April 2010....  Happy Anniversary Patient Voices Network, C U there!

Not all of us are as keen as others to be affiliated with an organization or group.  As facilitator of your Prince George Self Help Support Group, I realized the problem and worked to overcome it. 

I began to check out this new network thing a few years ago, learning all I could about the Net.  I discovered a network of Patients thinking around the same lines I had been thinking since becoming the Facilitator.I supported them by joining.

The Self Help group are patients in Prince George. In fact, all persons affected by Multiple Sclerosis are patients. Every Doctor and other medical professionals are patients too. Heck every single one of us in the human race (in all its' diversity) are patients.  This network is just BC... On Facebook and Live on-line.  It can be as simples just signing up to receive the information or getting involved on committees with all levels of healthcare

Sunday, March 27, 2011

MS Lives where TV is not avalible, nothing at Blockbusters

Here in British Columbia and the Yukon there are remote areas of the world which only has basic TV through the air and no high quality video rental centers. Some living in my local community face that as a lifestyle choice too, DVD's can get to be an expense not worthy of spending the coin. It really doesn't make sense to pay for TV; it is so yesterday....

On the other hand Internet should be available wireless & affordable for the public. TV should follow suit BUT- It is a total different argument. Likely you rent videos but the one you want was rented already or not in stock. Anyway here is how I deal with that problem :) There are quite a few sites like this one; I just Stumbled Upon this one this afternoon while Stumbling movies online :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The effect of weather on multiple sclerosis by ""

Many of us in Canada used to secretly enjoy winter to some degree before the onslaught of the MonSter kicked in. Snowmobiling, tobogganing, sledding, snowshoeing, skiing, the list goes on, winter could be fun! Now we get a condition that robs us of the abilities that made it fun with out expensive adaptations.It is well known about the effects of weather on MS.  No wonder there is such a controversy with CCVSI (sorry just had to get that into the text). We all would like to get better and have the ability to honestly injure ourselves into a disability that we earned. *smile* Life likely would have gotten to MS People by a million other conditions if the MonSter had not overpowered us. Some of us were stricken with other conditions while battling the MonSter. To each of us dealing with the MonSter: adapt and survive, enjoy the road to your personal end!  The main website of the link below has a lot of female interest blogs.  MS does affect women more then men but we do get it too.  

As the Seasons Change, So May The Symptoms of Your Multiple Sclerosis -

Friday, August 20, 2010

MS trials: we need to do this

Whereas this post below slams the MS Society of Canada, which is doing what it should by funding research as much as allowed, it should blame the medical profession of our nations. Yes, persons with Multiple Sclerosis have been denied their constitutional rights as per the Canadian and US standards to the extent laid out in this post. Yes, we should be upset. Darn lucky we are considered a passive nation at home (particularly so if you have MS) or human ca-ca would hit the rotary wind pushers...

This injustice is not via the MS Society of either North American nation. Many top level medical professionals who's paychecks depend on our lack of "well-being" have put up roadblocks in North America towards any research which has the potential to succeed. Hate to bring this up but it fuels the war against Medical Marijuana which is marginal as per its' legality in North America (even where it is recognized as legal) despite the proof of its' values.

I have heard it said that doctors are not here to cure you. They keep you alive and in a state of dependence on costly synthesized medicines; a cash cow if you will. This scenario is now focused on the macro community of MS sufferers with this issue. Stay Tuned as we travel forwards through time!

MS trials: we need to do this

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Brain Changes in MS May Spur Depression

For those of us who are afflicted by depression this explains why it happens. It in no way reflects on our intelligence. Do not get depressed thinking that MS makes you less of an educated person; MS'ers generally have the ability to focus and solve complex challenges in their lives better than a non-affected person. Cheer up- You do know it all!

Brain Changes in MS May Spur Depression

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ontario won't yet fund studies on new MS treatment - CTV News

Can U pronounce "Whistle blower"? Hmmmm some good points being brought up by our nations' premier news source. Enjoy!

Ontario won't yet fund studies on new MS treatment - CTV News