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Saturday, September 29, 2018

MS and Cannabis. Weeducation 101

The post you have been waiting for.  I know I have waited for it to be published.  Tired of waiting I will write it myself.  Meh.  All good.  lol it's what I do anyway.  So I hope to answer your questions of this "new" thing that is happening in Canada. What is weeducation?  Is it free?

What is Weeducation?

Weeducation is learned experiences.  Best way to obtain creditable experience is to actually have a puff.  Eat a "Medable" (that's a Cannabis editable, perhaps your first lesson in Weeducation).  Consume a small amount at first but consume the whole thing in one long sitting.  Survive happily or not, key is survival and no medical intervention is needed unless you actually hurt yourself.   Drink a blended Smoothie with some form of cannabis added.  Second best method is accredited study, self study best.  Learn the differences between raw and activated Cannabis. Learn about CBD, a component of the plant. Study the Cannabinoids beyond the hype

Sub-question "What are Cannabinoids and Endocannabinoids?"

I'll answer with a video:

Now that that sparked an interest...

Go further with second hand research.  See that raw Cannabis has an acid that makes it inert in your next study and that suggests the whole plant is better than parts of it.  Raw cannot make anyone high, it is as much of a preventive measure for all ages as we age from birth to death.  The Cannabinoids it adds to the diet are closely related to our Endocannabinoid system thought to control major parts of health and wellness.  All in all you can just chill with this webinar that was presented on  on the 3rd of October 2018 from 11-12pm, presented from the MS Society of Canada.  A blog post I've yet to read on it, from the MS Society of Canada (part of your donations to events like the MS walk occurring nationally on countdown displayed on the top banner) was written by the society President (Pamela Valentine, President and Chief Executive Officer  )in 2019.  She would love it if the Society becomes "Weeducated" to help them understand their clients.  That's us, the ones with lived experiences with this disease.  You are well on your way to becoming "Weeducated" yourself.

But is it all free?

This part is free.  Share it.  Weeducate your contacts.  "Puff Puff Pass- Share it forward! That next part of Weeducation is also free and it inspires your contact, could be a blazing partner!  Legal stores now exist for full blown weeducation but so does the original market knocking on your buddy's door, perhaps at midnight.  Many times it's understood market open 24 hrs and much less expensive, somewhat safer than legal but discretion born durning the prohibitive "Refer Madness" years.

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