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Saturday, May 15, 2010

May 2010-USA Gets to phone in

I received this through the Second Life Multiple Sclerosis Support Group. The phone information given here is mainly for my USA contacts who read this blog, know me at Facebook. But Wait a minute John in Kamloops! There is a URL listed below that is good for internationally MS affected people (MS Awareness is a global affair). Enjoy!  Updated 19 Feb 2018. Kept for historical purposes

More than 10,000 researchers and practicing neurologists from around the world gathered at the 62nd Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Neurology (AAN) in Toronto April 10-17. Nearly 500 presentations related to research efforts to stop multiple sclerosis, to restore function, and to end MS forever were given. National MS Society grantees were among those presenting novel findings on many different aspects of MS research.
A special research call covering Exciting New MS Research and Drug Developments, including Highlights from the AAN Meetings will be held Thursday, May 20th at noon SLT. During the 60 minute call, Dr. Stephen Krieger and Dr. Patricia O'Looney will be interviewed by EJ Levy, President of MS Hope for a Cure. We will hear about major highlights in MS research from the AAN meetings, including the latest-breaking research and new therapies and treatments in the development pipeline.
Stephen Krieger, MD is an attending physician at the Corrine Goldsmith Dickinson Center for Multiple Sclerosis at Mount Sinai Hospital and is Assistant Professor of Neurology. He is the recipient of a 2006 AAN Scholarship and the Sylvia Lawry Fellowship in clinical research from the National MS Society. Dr. Krieger is currently participating in research on a variety of MS clinical trials and is studying clinical research design. Dr. Patricia O'Looney has been with the National MS Society since 1988. She currently serves as Vice President of Biomedical Research, directing and overseeing the administration of the Society's biomedical research funding programs.

This information below is out of date, link does not work.  Historical purposes only

You can join the call by dialing 877.860.4996 and entering conference ID 69470471. No advance registration is necessary. If you are unable to participate, you can access a recording on the national website approximately two weeks following the call at ex.aspx. If you prefer a CD or your internet connection does not support the file, you may request a copy of the CD recording by contacting ...

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