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Friday, August 20, 2010

MS trials: we need to do this

Whereas this post below slams the MS Society of Canada, which is doing what it should by funding research as much as allowed, it should blame the medical profession of our nations. Yes, persons with Multiple Sclerosis have been denied their constitutional rights as per the Canadian and US standards to the extent laid out in this post. Yes, we should be upset. Darn lucky we are considered a passive nation at home (particularly so if you have MS) or human ca-ca would hit the rotary wind pushers...

This injustice is not via the MS Society of either North American nation. Many top level medical professionals who's paychecks depend on our lack of "well-being" have put up roadblocks in North America towards any research which has the potential to succeed. Hate to bring this up but it fuels the war against Medical Marijuana which is marginal as per its' legality in North America (even where it is recognized as legal) despite the proof of its' values.

I have heard it said that doctors are not here to cure you. They keep you alive and in a state of dependence on costly synthesized medicines; a cash cow if you will. This scenario is now focused on the macro community of MS sufferers with this issue. Stay Tuned as we travel forwards through time!

MS trials: we need to do this

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