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Sunday, April 18, 2010

The road to day on several fronts

This event is the crowning glory of the plan I have for the MS Self Help group if they allow me to continue as Facilitator. It seems like it will continue well into the future, it is proving to be successful for both the BC /YT Division and the chapter. other areas east in Canada are attempting it. It may be a coincidence, but my other contacts in is based locally to where a similar event may occur in the future.

Anyway local to us, a few years ago a nurse named Marcy Moore came to run the MS Clinic of the former PG Regional Hospital. She had a vision of our MS world and envisioned a support union of the community, the medical team and the MS Society. This union would combine into an education session of the latest therapies

I had a similar idea, starting with Prince George and using the Internet to expand Prince George's support boarders. For this I would need to Network. Being slightly mentally unbalanced I imagined all sorts of future plans, paving roads along the way. Fortunately most of the plans failed. Some of the biggest successes on the path to globalization are based in the realization of failures.

Prince George had a Support Group, a gathering of MS Patients who identified themselves as a distinct sub community within Prince George. At one time it was a

Today's group is the evolution of it's "reboot" due to dwindling membership and interest. I suspected that the fact that we shared the MS name with the Society and wondered about any possible conflicts with us being a Multiple Sclerosis endorsed external Group. They needed to have contact in order for us to continue to exist. I became the Facilitator for the Self Help Support in I think 2004 to fill that need so it would continue.

As far as I could see, the Facilitator has the power to guide the group in whatever direction would benefit the group's survival into the future. No one told me any different, I suppose trusting me not to warp your minds too bad or keeping the threat of dissolution hovering above me from corrupting this world I was forced to join into.

My vision extends internationally however, perhaps Globally if I have time:) & I'll start here. I have repeatedly invited the group to join me as I developed MS contacts internationally and nationally.

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