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Saturday, April 17, 2010

About Bounce Back | CMHA BC Division

A big part of my journey during the last ten years, my depression was recognized by the MS Clinic just before I started the Avonex. She recommended that I pay a visit to my GP to receive an Antidepressant of some kind prior to my starting Avonex in 2001. Avonex was explained in a post on one of my other blogs, it is MS injectable DMT... The "A" in the "ABCR's"

The Nurse also suggested that I see the Mental Health center attached to the former "Prince George Regional Hospital". I nodded my head and went back to my shell of a life. I did see my GP. Or rather I saw some old, should have been retired years before I walked in his office Doctor. I mentioned I was out of my Blood pressure medication (oh yea- another side effect of Depression combined with ancestry) and what I learned at the clinic about my mind. He looks at me and said "You are not old enough to have high blood pressure". He takes a breath and speaks again. "you don't look like you have MS and I do not see depression, I guess I will fill your BP meds but I refuse to give you any antidepressants".

I looked at him and said Goodbye, picked up my 'script for the meds (he only ordered 1 month supply) and vowed I would survive with out any help from that side of my support or die trying. It would be a while before I would return to my doctor.

I eventually remembered what the nurse had said about Mental Health and the directions to their office. I phoned and enquired. I needed to see the Community Resource office in the rear of the Hospital first, located right next to the Adult Mental Health center. She could see me to be assessed, immediately if not sooner. I knew the lady in the CRO from her previous position somewhere back along the road to that day and we connected on that fact. As soon as I finished that appointment I had an appointment set up with the Mental Health nurse.

After a few sessions with the nurse who went over my personal journey up to the point of our first meeting (which included my suspicions of the aliens causing my MS) I entered a series of Group Therapies. I also checked back with the MS Clinic about my progress, she was getting anxious as she wanted me to start Avonex once I had my depression under control. She wrote some notes as I talked to her as to why I had not started pharmaceutical Antidepressant treatment. She advised me to make and keep another appointment with my GP.

I attended many groups with about 12 people in them. Every day people would describe events in their lives that bothered them. We learned how to recognize and combat the depressive waves of emotion and learned the power of thought control. The most powerful was the "Assertiveness Training" group. Very life changing and helped put me on the path to today.

The video offered below is part of the evolution to this point in my life. The material covered in it is very close to the groups I sat in. I see it as the evolution of Mental health in British Columbia. They had a booth at today's Wellness Day Event and gave an excellent talk on their "Bounce Back" program...

Where the MS Society of Canada cannot recommend or endorse any form of medical therapy, I personally can. If you feel depressed, the steps I took are still there today. Some persons need that. For the rest of us, there is online and a free DVD for BC residents.

I had a unique ride along the road to today and this program helped to pave it for everyone else hopping up that same road. Mental health is evolving along the road, becoming a Highway and now a Superhighway online!

Check out the link below. Remember that it is adapted to a BC / Alberta flavor so it may warp your American minds and those BC Wannabees from the east.. I am sure they have disclaimers on their sites about the risk of mental screw ups and offer qualified advice in such cases to repair such screw ups...

It did not mention anyone else having the delusion of alien Gene manipulation in their delusions sooo perhaps my reality did have a bit of real reality mixed into it. More on that in a post one of these days.

About Bounce Back | CMHA BC Division

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