Last Sunday in May

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Vancouver BC bound in 2 weeks

Yes, my being stuck in Prince George for all these years is about to come to an end. On the 15th of April 2011 I shall be aboard a BIG airplane, on my way to change the health-care system in my home province... I am so excited!  It all began one year ago on the 16th of April 2010....  Happy Anniversary Patient Voices Network, C U there!

Not all of us are as keen as others to be affiliated with an organization or group.  As facilitator of your Prince George Self Help Support Group, I realized the problem and worked to overcome it. 

I began to check out this new network thing a few years ago, learning all I could about the Net.  I discovered a network of Patients thinking around the same lines I had been thinking since becoming the Facilitator.I supported them by joining.

The Self Help group are patients in Prince George. In fact, all persons affected by Multiple Sclerosis are patients. Every Doctor and other medical professionals are patients too. Heck every single one of us in the human race (in all its' diversity) are patients.  This network is just BC... On Facebook and Live on-line.  It can be as simples just signing up to receive the information or getting involved on committees with all levels of healthcare

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