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Monday, May 15, 2017

It has been a long time since I wrote on this blog.  In the last 7 years, I have now my own business, just going to start a new course to help that, I manage 2 WordPress Blogs (Volunteer Prince George hired me last year to manage theirs at and I built a website for the Carefree transportation society with an attached Word Press blog~  I am known as a Professional Volunteer, still remain the Facilitator of the Prince George Multiple Sclerosis Self Help Support Group among other volunteer positions I hold.  I am also employed pert time by the Handy Circle Resources Society. In just a week or so I will return for another course with Make-A-Change Canada. The local hospital, PGRH or Prince George Regional Hospital,  was renamed since the last posting, it is now known as the University Hospital of Northern British Columbia or UHNBC

The Prince George Multiple Sclerosis Self Help group will be reforming again this year, in the fall of 2017.  Our role in our city has become very important with the closure of our local MS Society of Canada office closing (in early 2016) to be reborn (mid 2017) as a new, larger region covering all of Northern BC, a few southern BC communities and up to Whitehorse in the Yukon territory.  It is now known as the "Northern Regional Chapter of the MS Society of Canada, BC and YT Division"  with its staff scattered around in major centres like Prince George and other lager communities in the region.  Our local MS SH group, not unlike and other MS SH groups in the province, includes members of the MS Society board that reside in our communities as they are as affected, with some afflicted individuals helping the community we cover locally.  They do fit the criteria of membership that includes people with MS and anyone who has interests or awareness of our community.  To that end, we do have a board member to act as lesion between the SH Group and the Society, to assist us in the reformation and sustainable existence of the group.  Looking forward to the near future!  O and Cannabis at this point is set to be legalized in the very near future, but at present time, it's still risky to be involved in the trade either as a purchaser or as a distributor and "legal weed" has all sorts of restrictions subject to government recalls...  it is  becoming well known to be an effective safe treatment for the effects of Multiple Sclerosis.  Stay tuned for another report hopefully sooner than another 7 years.  Safe travels!
Ken (aka-BCBud024)

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