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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

What if you had a chance to change the future?


What if you had a chance to change the future?

It looks like I did post in here this year.  lol I need to assign this job to someone, perhaps my assistant Facilitator will accept this roll.  I'll have to ask her.  I'm actually working on another Blog site, to which I may move this one over to its own sub domain on that BlueHost server.  Please click that link if you need a website of your own!   Oh right.  I need to promote my courses!  I am in school with Make a Change Canada, taking IBDE web design training  (finishing it with this course on WordPress) and one update to go from a previous course I took).  I'm also in a business abilities course through Make A Change Canada as well.  If you are considering a business, you should check them out.  Lots of free training there too!
Anyway, the reason for this post is to let you know you can change our shared future.  I am real sure you've heard about Cannabis, and the expected changes to take place in April of 2018.  You will be affected by the change in Canada.  Here in BC, a new committee, the BC Cannabis Regulation Engagement Committee has been tasked at getting our province ready for that change.  For my class, I have to republish a post I made on my website, "" which is a request from the committee for "Stakeholder input".  As a citizen of BC you are a stakeholder.  Enjoy, let them know what will look best!  If you had clicked the link above to the committee, the survey's behind that and you can skip the rest below!
Do you live in British Columbia, Canada (aka BC)?  Have you heard about Cannabis?  No doubt you have a well formed opinion, it's been illegal for 100 years as I type this. Read on to see how you can help BC make sense of our future.  Do you know that you will be locally affected by National policy changes and overburdened provincial forces concerning the impending legalization of Cannabis? It's on track for July 2018.  Speaking of our UBCM, here is an after report as seen by a reporter  at CBC News.   Or have you purchased a ticket on the Mars Shuttle and are planning on departing this planet?  That's not my link by the way...

You might be using it for Medicine even before the change.  You may be even authorized by your doctor.  More often than not, if you consume while diagnosed you likely do it "illegally" as that doctor may not believe in the power of it.  All good.  In April of 2018, things are going to change and it'll be as common as tobacco.  You can hide your medical use.  Imho, all use is medicinal, recreational is just a mask, silently making things better and protecting healthy individuals from chronic illnesses.  Whatever.  It all boils down to freedom.  You will be free to choose, or refuse.  Things are confusing in the political world, help the BC Cannabis Regulation Engagement Committee do the best job they can so our shared future is less confusing then it is presently...  Thanks in advance!

The Request:

Have your say in the matter! You will be affected in other provinces as well and apparently in the USA too but alas, this is only directed towards those of us who live here in BC!  Onward to freedom, be the change here on the west coast!  The BC Cannabis Regulation Engagement Committee wants to hear from you, as a stakeholder in our shared future!

(won't cost you anything but time)

BC Cannabis Regulation EngagementWe want to hear your thoughts on the regulation of non-medical cannabis in B.C.
Source: Stakeholder Submissions | BC Cannabis Regulation Engagement

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